Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System

Leadership Pathway

Pathway Objectives:

To cultivate skills in healthcare leadership and system transformation at an organization-level via:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that encompasses topics such as healthcare design and quality improvement, patient safety best practices, and the essentials of leadership
  • An exploration of AHS as a health system: interfacing with department leaders, attending committee meetings, and learning about the process of Unusual Occurrence reporting
  • Developing a legacy project that will endure even after you have completed your residency
  • Attending and presenting at national conferences
  • Enhancing resident education by presenting at Grand Rounds and M&M


Pathway Components:

  • Didactics and curriculum
    • Complete IHI Open School Quality Improvement Modules 101-103
    • Study assigned curriculum readings and complete written reflection pieces (200-300 words in length): curriculum readings to cover topics such as Design Thinking, Case Review/Root Cause Analysis, Leadership in Healthcare
    • Attend at least two joint sessions with the UCSF Health and Society Leadership pathway
  • Getting to know your own health system
    • Meet with/interview head of the AHS Quality Department
    • Meet with/interview chair of AHS Quality Review Committee
    • Meet with/interview the AHS CEO
    • Meet with/interview the AHS CMO
    • Explore the process of filing and reporting Unusual Occurrences; report findings to pathway director
    • Attend at least two QI Committee meetings per year (Quality Review Committee, AHS Core Quality and Safety Council, Medical Executive Committee, etc.)
  • Legacy project
    • Design a project that will carry forward after you have completed residency
    • Identify a project mentor and map out project plan using IHI Charter
    • Examples of legacy projects include but are not limited to: quality improvement projects, clinical programs, curricula on QI or leadership, and peer reviewed publications
  • National conference attendance and participation
    • Attend at least one national conference (e.g. IHI Annual Meeting, SGIM National Meeting);  resident may need to use personal funds to participate
    • Present at least one poster or storyboard on your legacy project at a national meeting; resident may need to use personal funds to participate
  • Teaching/resident education
    • Present one Grand Rounds on either a leadership in healthcare topic or on your legacy project
    • Write and present one M&M or participate in one organizational root cause analysis with the Quality Department