Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
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Clinician Educator Pathway

The clinician educator track is designed for PGY2 and PGY3 residents who are interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine with a focus on teaching.

The first year of the track has a set “Resident as Teacher” curriculum designed to enable residents to gain knowledge and skills in basic topics in medical education. Most of your time will be spent designing and executing teaching sessions to medical students, interns on your team, fellow co-residents, etc. Each teaching session that you give will be attended by a faculty member who will give you structured feedback to help you improve your practice over time.

The first year of the track is organized into structured modules which are discussed in more detail below. The content of the modules builds on prior content over time. The second year of the clinician educator track is less structured and focuses on developing an academic project or research question and executing that project with the goal to improve the educational environment at Highland. Examples of projects include developing a new curriculum for residents with the help of a faculty advisor or mentor.

All residents in the clinician educator pathway have the opportunity to submit their academic work for presentation at a national medical education conference, such as APDIM.