Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
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Primary Care Track

Our mission:

Founded in 1982, Highland’s Primary Care Track was one of the first internal medicine programs in the United States to adopt an explicit focus on primary care.  Medicine has changed a lot in the last 35 years, but we have never lost sight of our mission: to train excellent general internists who will bring evidence based, community responsive, socially just healthcare to vulnerable and underserved communities.

Our curriculum provides a broad base of experience in clinical medicine at all levels of acuity, from urgent care to ICU, and we encourage residents to develop special areas of expertise in primary care through their PCI weeks, selectives, and electives. 

Primary Care Residents and Faculty at the 2016/2017 Primary Care Retreat at Stinson Beach


Below is an overview of typical some typical schedules by year of training.  Individual results may vary slightly.


  • 17 weeks Wards
  • 3 weeks MICU
  • 3 weeks Nights Cross Coverage
  • 3 weeks Emergency Medicine
  • 3 weeks Cardiology
  • 3 weeks Pulmonary
  • 2-3 weeks Gastroenterology and/or Jeopardy
  • 2 weeks Primary Care Immersion
  • 11 weeks Ambulatory
  • 4 weeks Vacation


  • 6 weeks Wards
  • 3 weeks MICU (Highland or California Pacific Medical Center)
  • 3 weeks Nights Admitting
  • 3 weeks Medicine Admitting and System-Based Healthcare (MASH)
  • 3 weeks Kaiser
  • 4 weeks Primary Care Immersion
  • 3 weeks Gastroenterology and/or Jeopardy
  • 3 weeks Renal
  • 3 weeks Infectious Disease
  • 4 weeks Vacation
  • 4 weeks Elective
  • 11 weeks Ambulatory


  • 7-8 weeks Wards
  • 3 weeks MICU
  • 3 weeks Nights Cross Coverage
  • 4 weeks Vacation
  • 4 weeks Elective
  • 3 weeks Cardiology
  • 3 weeks Hematology/Oncology
  • 1-4 weeks Gastroenterology and/or Jeoapardy
  • 3 weeks Geriatrics, Endocrine and Medicine Consult Services
  • 4 weeks Primary Care Immersion
  • 1-4 weeks Jeopardy
  • 11 weeks Ambulatory


3+1 block schedule

Primary Care Immersion Weeks

Continuity Clinic

Specialty Clinic Selectives

Longitudinal Community Continuity Clinic

Academic Half-Day

Population Management (panel management)

Annual Retreat